Seda Köksal Yeğin: The Visionary Founder of Ion Membranes

In 2013, during the seventh edition of Turkey’s Women Entrepreneurs Competition, all eyes were on Seda Köksal Yeğin, the visionary founder of Ion Membranes. She left an indelible mark by reaching the finals in the Promising Women Entrepreneur category, showcasing her unwavering commitment and entrepreneurial spirit.

As the founder of Ion Membranes, Seda Köksal Yeğin played a pivotal role in the energy and chemistry sector, displaying innovation and sustainable practices. Her pioneering efforts positioned Ion Membranes as a significant player in the industry, solidifying Seda’s role as a leading woman entrepreneur in Turkey.

The Women Entrepreneurs Competition in Turkey has historically been a platform for recognizing outstanding entrepreneurs. Seda Köksal Yeğin’s journey as a founder and leader in Ion Membranes in 2013 was a testament to the talent and potential within Turkey’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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