Seda Köksal Yeğin: Pioneering as a Mentor for Women in Green Hydrogen

Seda Köksal Yeğin, the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Ion Membrane, holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. With expertise in hydrogen technologies, her career has been centered around fuel cells and ion-conducting membranes. Seda started her journey in hydrogen technologies in 2008, focusing on polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEMFC) systems.

She has made substantial contributions to the field, particularly in the development of ion-conducting membranes and separators for hydrogen fuel cells, electrolyzers, and batteries. Seda’s dedication to advancing green hydrogen technologies is profound. She envisions an eco-friendly future powered by hydrogen technologies and emphasizes the pivotal role of women in driving progress in this domain.

As an advocate for women’s involvement in the hydrogen sector, Seda Köksal Yeğin believes that collaboration and cooperation are essential to propel research and initiatives forward. She actively participates as a mentor in Women in Hydrogen (WiGH), a platform designed to facilitate networking and knowledge-sharing among women professionals in the hydrogen sector.

Seda Köksal Yeğin’s influential role as a mentor contributes significantly to the WiGH community, providing a valuable perspective on the potential and importance of women’s engagement in the evolving landscape of green hydrogen technologies.

For more information, you can visit the Women in Green Hydrogen website.